The X9 is the latest addition to the X-Model family. It has been updated in every aspect compared to its predecessor the X8. It features a longer battery life, front and rear disk brakes with E-ABS. It has a wider kick board for a more comfortable riding position 550W motor for a much more impressive 40km/h top speed and a maximum range of 75km.

This E-scooter is one of the most advanced E-Scooter on the market; the ride quality, build quality and overall design is an engineering marvel.

Aimed at users who are looking for greater range, a higher top speed and improved climbing ability, but with the usual X-Model design and build quality.

As with previous models the X9 also has a removable battery, that can be charged in or out of the scooter – but this time with greater capacity.

*Max range calculated based on 75KG user weight, riding on Eco Mode at a constant velocity of 15KM/H, Little or no headwind or incline. The actual range will vary based on many factors, not limited to those mentioned above.

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