How Fast Do hoverboard Go Karts Go?

How Fast Do hoverboard Go Karts Go

When it comes to the speed of the hoverboard when used with a Hover Kart / Go Kart, there are a lot of variables that would affect the speed of them. One of the variables that the speed would depend on is the hoverboard that is going to be use with it. How Fast Do hoverboard Go Karts Go

For example if you are using our 6.5 inch models which are the Vanguard, Fly Plus and Trek model, the max speed that these can go to is 12KM/H. One of the faster models that we sell is the Monster, which is the model with 10 inch wheels that can go up to 14 KM/H. Our flagship model which is the Drifter which is also our heaviest model at 13KG can go up to 12KM/H.

The speed at which the hoverboard will go at will depend on the amount of force that is apply to the handles, similar to when you use the hoverboard its own the speed will depend on how much pressure you put on with your feet. How Fast Do hoverboard Go Karts Go

One of the other Variables that affects the speed at which the Go Kart / Hoverkart can go at is the weight of the user. For example if there is a light user on the hoverboard who only weighs around 25KG then the hoverboard and Go Kart will go at a lot faster than if the person that was sitting on the hoverboard and Go Kart weighed 90KG for example. This is because with a light user there is less strain on the hoverboard itself and so it would be able to move a lot faster than if a heavier user is on the hoverboard as it would be a lot more strain on the Hoverboard. 

The terrain type which the hoverboard and Go Kart are use on will also make a difference as to how fast it will move. For example if the hoverboard is use on a completely flat surface then the hoverboard will go a lot faster than if the hoverboard and Kart are use uphill as this would be slower.

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