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At all terrian Hoverboard we have three different off road hoverboard that we sell. We have the Monster Model, The Drifter and the Drifter Pro. The Monster model is our biggest model which comes with 10 inch air filled tyres. This model is very popular for people who want a all terrain hoverboard Hoverboard as they just want the model with the biggest wheels. Buy All Terrain hoverboards

The Drifter terrain hoverboard Model is the 8.5 inch model which has solid tyres. This is more our flagship model as it is the most expensive and with this model it has thicker wheels than the Monster which make it better off-road. Although the actual wheel size is smaller than the Monster it does not mean that it is better off road than the Monster. This is because the thicker wheels make it better against the rougher all terrain types and also as the wheels are solid tyres they more or less just go over bumpy terrains without any problems at all.

The Drifter Pro all terrain hoverboard is our third off-road model which is exactly the same as the Drifter, the only difference with the actual terrain hoverboard itself is that the top half of the board is made out of metal as opposed to plastic. This makes it a bit more robust than the Drifter however as a result of it being metal it adds slightly more weight to it making it slightly slower than the normal Drifter too. The only other difference with this model is that it does not come with a carry case. Buy All Terrain hoverboards

When it comes to which is the best all terrain hoverboard it is very difficult to say a specific one as they are all very good off road however it is down to personal preference of the user on whether they would like the Monster design with the bigger wheels or the normal Drifter or Drifter Pro models which have 8.5 inch wheels

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