Best hoverboard For a 7 Year Old

Best hoverboard For a 7 Year Old

It is very difficult to establish which hoverboard is the best hoverboard for any age range. The main reason for this is because not every 7 year old is the same. For example some 7 year old children are a lot taller than other 7 year old kids. And some are a lot heavier than other kids. This means that for this reason there is no specific best Hoverboard. We can usually recommend a hoverboard for a specific customer when they tell us information. For example when a customer rings we usually ask them how much the user weighs. Best hoverboard For a 7 Year Old

For your average 7 year old they usually weigh between 25KG-35KG. If the child weighs around 25KG then it would be better for them to go. For any of the 6.5 inch hoverboard that we sell. This is because due to the weight they would not be able to use. Any of the other hoverboard as they would not be heavy enough to use the Monster. The Drifter model as they would require the user to be approximately 30KG.T

They are approximately 30KG then we would usually ask where the hoverboard will be use. If the hoverboard is only going to be use on flat surfaces such as tarmac. Pavements, driveways and grass then the 6.5 inch models would still be fine to use. If the hoverboard is going to be use on rougher terrain types such as woodland, farms. Thicker grass and other thick grass then we would say to go for one of the bigger. Models which are the Drifter and the Monster. The Monster model has 10 inch wheels and has air filled tyres. The Drifter has 8.5 inch wheels which are solid tyres. If the child is slightly under the weight requirement which is 25KG then we usually recommend. That they purchase a kart attachment as this weighs approximately 5KG so this will add to the weight. And should make up to the weight required in order to use the Hoverboard. Best hoverboard For a 7 Year Old

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