Where Can I Use My hoverboard

Where Can I Use My hoverboard


There are many different places where you can and can not use the Hoverboard. As it is an electrical item there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. The most important thing to note is that the hoverboard should not be use anywhere near any water or any wet or damp surfaces. The reason being for this is that water can cause many different faults to a hoverboard and none of these would be cover by the warranty either which could lead to you having to pay massive fees in repairs. Where Can I Use My hoverboard

As we have different wheel sizes for our different models, some of the hoverboard such as the Monster and the Drifter are more designed for off road purposes. The Monster has 10 inch air filled tyres so wheels are a lot bigger than the Vanguard and the Fly Plus which are 6.5 inch. The bigger wheel makes it a lot better on multiple terrain types which are a lot bumpier and rough. Our other off road model is the Drifter. This again has bigger wheels than the Fly Plus and Vanguard as it is 8.5 inch wheels. The wheels on the Drifter are 8.5 inch however it is thicker than the Monster and also the wheels are solid tyres so they cannot puncture. Where Can I Use My hoverboard


The off road models are mainly use on rougher terrain types such as thicker grass. Dry muddy areas and other areas which the 6.5 inch wheels would struggle to perform on as well. The Monster and Drifter are design to be use on more off road terrain. However they perform just as good on flat surfaces too. The most generic place where all of these hoverboard are use is flat grass. Pavements and tarmac areas. Mainly parks are where most of our customers tend to use our Hoverboards. Others tend to use the hoverboard in their garden or driveway. If you are using the hoverboard with a kart then the places where it can be use. Are more or less the same however it is advise that you use it in an area. Where there is a bit more space as the hoverboard and kart take up. More space than just the hoverboard itself. When use with a kart it is also possible to use the hoverboard. At a faster speed hence why we tend to recommend that it is used in a more open environment.

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